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tiled conservatory roofs cheshire

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Cheshire

Sleek, Weatherproof Roofing System

We are fabricators of high quality tiled conservatory roofs in Cheshire and surrounding areas. Use our free online pricing tool to design your new tiled conservatory roof.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs Cheshire

Upgrade properties in Cheshire with our durable tiled conservatory roofs. As one of the lightest conservatory roof options on the market, it is incredibly quick and easy to install. The roofs are also weatherproof, noise reducing and energy efficient. Your customers can enjoy a wealth of practical benefits when they choose our products.

Our roofs can be tailor to your customer’s specifications. We fabricate roofs for both domestic and commercial projects, which can suit traditional or contemporary-style properties. Each tiled conservatory roof comes with a choice of colours and finishes, as well as glazing options. Homeowners can add value to their homes in Cheshire.

Get a free online quote today by using our fhandy online pricing tool. This is quick and easy to use. Simply choose your preferred design and input the required sizes. Following this, one of our team will get back to you with an estimated quote. It really is that simply!. Choose Contech for your next home improvement project!

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We understand each homeowner in Cheshire may have their own style. Therefore, we have a variety of customisation options to choose from. The tiles come in a choice of colours, while the roof can be fitted to a selection of conservatory styles. Customers can also choose to integrate glazing panels to allow daylight to stream inside. This is a great option for those wanting increased privacy yet still want a brighter living space. We can supply the tiled conservatory roofs to domestic and commercial projects in Cheshire.

Energy Efficient

Tiled conservatory roofs excel in keeping the roof at the ideal temperature. With U-values as low as 0.17, homeowners in Cheshire can relax in a comfortable room. This roofing option retains heat as it is designed with high quality aluminium. Additionally, the fully insulated structural beam will stop heat from escaping outside. The fully insulating ridge and hips and structural beams help to improve the overall thermal performance. This can substantially reduce energy usage and consequently heating bills.

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tiled conservatory roofs cost cheshire

Quick Installation

Trade customers can install our tiled conservatory roofs quickly and efficiently. It’s the fastest tiled roof to fit, as the main structure is pre-cut prior to installation. Because there is no cutting required on-site, this roof won’t cause mess resulting in quick turnaround times. As well as this, the lightweight aluminium won’t cause installation issues that heavier materials may do. Your customers won’t have to worry about lengthy installation with our tiled roofs.

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Conservatory Roof Features

tiled conservatory roof costs cheshire

Sound Resistant

Our tiled conservatory roofs can dramatically improve the sound resistance inside the conservatory. The insulating tiles and multi-chambered profile help to lower how much noise can get inside. For customers in Cheshire living in busier areas, they can enjoy a more peaceful living space. Drastically improve homeowner’s way of living with our roofs.

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The combination of innovative materials ensures longevity for Cheshire homeowners. Choose to upgrade an existing conservatory roof or deciding on a roof for a brand new installation requires a product built to last. From strong winds and wet weather, each tiled conservatory roof prevents structural damage, making them a must-have home improvement.

tiled conservatory roofs prices cheshire


With the unpredictable British weather, it’s important to install a conservatory roof that offers superb weather resistance. Tiled conservatory roofs are precision engineered based on the customer’s postcodes. This means that in areas with heavier rain and wind, the conservatory roof won’t suffer from water damage or unwanted draughts. This is a significant upgrade on underperforming, outdated roofs.

tiled conservatory roofs price cheshire

Energy Efficient

Customers can appreciate lower energy bills with our tiled conservatory roofs. The insulated beams and double glazing will keep the internal temperature of the room at optimum. This ensures that the homeowner will reduce how much heating they use and save money in the long term. Additionally, they can significantly lower their carbon footprint, making a positive environmental impact.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Prices Cheshire

Choose Contech for your tiled conservatory roofs in Cheshire. Our roofs are durable, high performance, weatherproof and energy efficient. This makes them a must-have for homes across Cheshire.

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