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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Crewe

Versatile, Unique Door System

We supply superb aluminium bi-fold doors in Crewe and surrounding towns. Our doors are manufactured to exceptionally high quality. They come with high security, thermal efficiency and are incredibly low maintenance. Get a free aluminium bi-fold door quote today.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Crewe

Improve any Crewe property with aluminium bi-fold doors. We supply these innovative home improvements, which offer a host of practical benefits. From high security and energy efficiency to a weather resilient profile, you are investing in a fantastic renovation. Not only this, but aluminium bi-fold doors are incredibly low maintenance, perfect for busier households.

Take advantage of an aluminium bi-fold door with a versatile configuration. They are crafted on an effortless folding system, pushed to either side of the wall. As well as this, they can be designed for almost any space. The sleek appearance of the doors makes them perfect for both heritage houses and contemporary buildings.

Here at Contech, we never compromise on quality. We use market-leading suppliers who expertly craft our aluminium bi-fold doors. Our manufacturer,s Smarts, offer superb aluminium bi-fold doors which we supply to the trade and homeowners. Start your free online bi-fold door quote today for a bespoke price. This is quick and easy to use!

aluminium bi-fold doors crewe

Thermal Efficiency

The expansive glass in the aluminium bi-fold doors is designed from superb double glazing. This glass is incredibly versatile, providing a range of practical benefits. This glass regulates their home’s warmth as it traps pockets of warm air within the dual-pane system. By reducing how much energy used, homeowners in Crewe can save on their energy bills. This will have a positive environmental impact by reducing their carbon emissions significantly.

Highly Secure

Aluminium bi-fold doors are designed with secure locking systems. The main opening sashes are fitted with locking mechanisms, with shoot-bolt locks integrated on the floating mullions. These locks and hinges will keep any Crewe property protected. As well as this, the glass panes are internally beaded, meaning they cannot physically be removed from the outside. Homeowners can rest assured their property is safe from unwanted intruders.

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modern aluminium bi-fold doors crewe


Explore our extensive colour portfolio for the aluminium bi-fold door. We offer a selection of finishes to make a statement. We also offer a woodgrain effect for a more traditional appearance. The aluminium bi-fold doors are fabricated with high-quality double glazing. You can choose how many panes you would like, and in what configuration. As well as this, we have the option for left, right or middle folding systems. Suit any property in Crewe with our customisation options.

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Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors Features

modern aluminium bi-fold doors crewe

Sleek Aesthetic

Aluminium bi-fold doors are designed with ultra-slim frames. The material has exceptional strength, able to hold up heavy panes of glass. The frames also allow daylight to stream into any Crewe home, leaving less need to use up electricity. As well as this, homeowners can benefit from panoramic views outside.

aluminium bi-fold doors costs crewe

Customisation Options

For those living in traditional or contemporary properties, it's important to match their aesthetic. We give homeowners the chance to design their aluminium bi-fold doors. With a choice of colours, finishes and hardware options, customers are spoilt for choice. We can configure the doors to your exact specifications, folding left or right.

aluminium bi-fold doors crewe

Easy Opening

The flexible design allows for easy accessibility in and out of the property. The doors have a single traffic door, so customers won’t have to worry about opening the entire set to enter or exit. Homeowners can have a door that folds from one end to the other or may opt to split the fold down the middle. The choice is theirs.

aluminium bi-fold doors cost crewe

Weather Resistance

The profile features EPDM high-quality gaskets and weather brushes. This will prevent structural damage from unpredictable wind and will stop water ingress from occurring. during the most extreme weather, aluminium bi-fold doors will withstand the force.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door Prices Crewe

Enhance any home in Crewe with our fantastic aluminium bi-fold doors. Our doors are sleek, modern and durable. They offer superior security as well as weather resistance.

Start your free aluminium bi-fold door quote today. Just input the specifications, as well as the customisation options. We will then get back to you with a bespoke price.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can fill out our contact form, and we’ll happily answer any queries you have for us. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 01782 593 968, and our team will happily talk through our entire process with you!

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