Can I Put a Tiled Roof on My Conservatory?

Conservatories are excellent places to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the unpredictable British weather. They create a seamless transition between the indoor comfort and the beauty of the garden outside.

Conservatories had traditionally had polycarbonate or glass roofs, allowing plenty of natural light, but lacking insulation and temperature regulation at times. Tile roofs, on the other hand, are well-known for their durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.


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The Benefits of Tiled Roofs


Better Insulation

A tiled roof can provide better insulation for your conservatory. The tiled material has a lower U-value, which means it transmits heat at a considerably slower rate. So all of that growing heat in your home is going nowhere, while the heat from the sun remains outdoor. This not only makes your conservatory more energy efficient and lowers your heating bills. With a tiled conservatory roof there will be no more sweating in the summer or freezing in the cold.


Reduced Glare

One of the major issues associated with old fashioned transparent conservatory roofs is the excess of glare and strong rays of sunlight cutting through the glass. A tiled conservatory roof eliminates the issues of glare allowing you to enjoy the brightest days while being protected from the sun.


Attractive Style

Tiled roof conservatories are available in a variety of shapes and styles, allowing you to create a unique space that matches the rest of your home. You can select from a wide range of tiles, colours and finishes to ensure that your conservatory is both practical and attractive to the eye.


Durability and Low Maintenance

Tiled roofs are extremely durable and require little maintenance, making them an economical choice in the long run. Unlike traditional polycarbonate roofs, which can crack or become damaged with time, a tiled roof can withstand severe weather conditions, making it a fantastic option for your home.


Energy Efficiency

One of the major advantages of a tiled roof conservatory is its energy efficiency. The tiles add insulation, keeping the space warm in the winter and cool in the summer, allowing you to reduce your conservatory all year around, regardless of the weather. As a result, it will help you save money on your energy bills without worrying about high heating costs.


Do I Need Planning Permission?

The vast majority of solid, tiled and even glazed roof conservatories do not require a planning permission since they are classified as ‘permitted development’. There are of course, limits and conditions to authorised development in terms of placement and size, but is completely possible to create a tiled roof conservatory without having to obtain a planning permission.


Why Choose Contech?

Contech supplies high-quality tiled conservatory roofs in Stoke-on-Trent and surrounding Staffordshire towns. We use market-leading materials and innovative fabrication techniques for a long-lasting renovation.

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